Below are some of the prevention projects that the Coalition brings to Hillsdale County.  Click on the link to the left for more information on each of the projects.



Youth Engaged in Prevention (YEP) The most effective prevention happens before substance use begins.  The Coalition teamed up with Tobacco Reduction Action Coalition (TRAC) to sponsor YEP at Jonesville High School in 2011-12, and over twent (20) teens are active in the J-YEP group.  A YEP group was started in Reading High School in 2012-13, and approximately eight (8) teens are active in the R-YEP group. Both groups participate in Above The Influence activities, Strive 4 a Safer Drive, Kick Butts Day, and Prevention 101 in their schools.


Starting in 2014-15, and every year since,  the YEP groups participated in a Leadership Day at Kimball Camp, learning to trust themselves and each other, ask for help when needed, and how to problem-solve.


YEP implemented a project called "Prevention 101" in 2014-15.  Focused on preventing underage drinking, prescription drug misuse, and in '16-17 marijuana use, the youth conducted a needs assessment on students in their high schools, designed and implemented a social media campaign within their school, and then conducted a survey to measure the effectiveness of their campaign.  


Parent Talk  Hillsdale County's rate of confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect is one of the highest in the state of Michigan.  The Family Counseling Center in Hillsdale offers evidence-based parenting training to parents of young children.  Parents will learn limit-setting, the importance of a consistent schedule, and how to deal with problem behaviors.  This training, initially brought to Hillsdale County by the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, is now funded directly by Mid-State Health Network.


Strengthening Families Skills that work for parenting younger children don't necessarily work as children enter adolescence.  The Family Counseling Center in Hillsdale offers parenting classes for parents of children ages 10-14 called Strengthening Families, using curriculum from the Nurturing Families program. This training, initially brought to Hillsdale County by the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, is now funded directly by Mid-State Health Network.


Trauma Assessments   Hillsdale County is fortunate to have Hillsdale County Assessment Services (HCAS), with referrals made by Family Treatment Court and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and local school districts.  


TIPS Training To encourage responsible alcohol consumption, the Coalition offers TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) training.  


NOTE:  Would your establishment be interested in TIPS training?  Contact Wendy at 517.849.2333 for information.  


Vendor Education Each year, the Coalition provides vendor education to all alcohol vendors and tobacco vendors, providing them with information and appropriate signage for their establishments.  The Coalition also conducts tobacco compliance checks around Hillsdale County to ensure that vendors are following state law.


Prescription Drug Education  The Coalition will collaborate with Family Treatment Court and other local agencies to provide education to court and agency personnel on addiction and non-medical use of prescription medication.


Prescription Drug Drop Boxes The Coalition will continue to promote and maintain the two Drop Boxes available in Hillsdale County - one in Hillsdale City Hall and one at Jonesville Police Department.

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