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We're having a great year with YEP! 


A year-end survey in 2013-14 showed that the teens involved with YEP were ready and excited about taking their prevention ideas to another level. So, in September of 2014, both YEP groups started their "Prevention 101" activities, first focusing on underage drinking, and then misuse of prescription medications. 


Using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), they conducted a needs assessment with their fellow students, designed and implemented a social media campaign, and then collected data on the effectiveness of their campaigns.


To kick off the year, both YEP groups, from Jonesville High School and Reading High School, combined for the third annual Leadership Day at Kimball YMCA Camp.  The teens spent the day getting to know each other, building individual and team leadership skills.  Who knew that asking for help when you need it is a valuable leadership skill!?!


Both YEP groups are organizing "Prevention 101" campaigns at their schools again this year, focusing on marijuana use.


A new addition to YEP in 2016-17 was the Strive 4 a Safer Drive campaign, sponsored by Ford Motor Co. and the MI State Police.  Both schools received a grant to conduct a three-pronged campaign to educate the student bodies, and YEP members qualified to participate in a Ride and Drive Event in Dearborn later this year.



YEP Leadership Day 2016-17

YEP Prevention 101 2016-17 Marijuana Use

"Be the Best U"

YEP Strive 4 a Safer Drive Campaign

Kick Butts Day at State Capital





Many of the YEP students were able to travel to Lansing, MI, on Kick Butts Day 2017.  The youth participated in advocacy activities, including giving a speech in the State Capital.  Rep. Eric Leutheuser met with the group and listened to their concerns.

Prevention 101 - YEP 2014-15

Above The Influence 2014

D. Driver puts teens in the driver’s seat by using video games and real-life scenarios to help them gain a better understanding of the potential consequences of driving after using drugs and alcohol or while distracted.


While most teens today are aware of the consequences of driving drunk and surveys show fewer teens are getting behind the wheel after drinking, but driving after using drugs or while distracted are growing threats to safety on the roads. D. Driver aims to raise teen awareness of the ways in which these three “D’s” – drugs, drinking, and distractions – can affect their ability to drive. 

Many Thanks to MI State Police Trooper Dan Bowman for providing the Driving Simulator for the D. Driver activity!

Reading YEP D. Driver

Jonesville YEP D. Driver

Drug Facts Week 2014

Did you know... forty (40) people die EVERY DAY in the United States from prescription drug misuse?  The YEP groups in Jonesville High School and Reading High Schools created a visual expression of that sobering fact.  Two signs carrying that message were placed on school grounds, surrounded by forty bright green flags to represent those who lost their lives to prescription drug misuse.

Reading YEP - Drug Facts Week activity
Reading High School - Drug Facts Week display
Jonesville YEP - Drug Facts Week activity


above the influence is a community of teens, for teens.

it's about being an individual. not a follower. it's standing up to negative influences.

it's knowing the facts about drugs and alcohol, and making smart decisions about drugs and alcohol.


Reading High School YEP 2013 - Above The Influence Tag It Project

In May 2013, the Reading YEP participated in a "Tag It" activity. The purpose of "Tag It" is to increase teens' awareness of influences in their environment and how influences may prompt them to make decisions - both positive and negative, healthy and unhealthy.  

"Tag It" is focused on raising teens' awareness of drugs as a negative influence in life, and provides them with opportunities to discuss ways to avoid drug use and other risky behaviors.

Jonesville High School YEP - Above the Influence

Jonesville YEP - Above the Influence 2013

The Jonesville YEP group participated in Above the Influence "Tag It" activity in May, 2013.  Fourteen youth increased their awareness of the influences in their lives that influence their decisions, for good or bad.


In March, 2013, the Jonesville YEP group participated in "Kick Butts Day", where they shared information on the dangers of tobacco products.  A graffiti wall was created, and 350 students and staff at Jonesville High School signed the wall to pledge that they would avoid all tobacco use. 


YEP members have several leadership opportunities throughout the school year.


In 2014, members of the Reading YEP group made a presentation to the Reading Community Schools Board of Education, asking for changes in the tobacco policy.  


Two members spoke to a state-wide meeting of the Tobacco-Free Michigan group in 2012, sharing with over fifty adults how the YEP group formed and some of the activities that YEP had planned for the 2011-12 school year.

Two other YEP members spoke to the Hillsdale County Board of Commissioners about the prevention work being accomplished through YEP.

Two different presentations were made to service groups in Hillsdale County by other members of the YEP group.

During the summer, YEP engaged the children of Hillsdale County in a fun activity with a message of prevention at Kids Fest.

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